Below are our mares bred for 2014 - in order of due dates- if you have an interest or have questions feel free to email or call                or call - 609-364-7077

Our Foaling Cam is now up - Lotus is on cam now:



A&Lms Rompin Codys Chera Pooh                                         Chestnut Pinto Colt           Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz   (Buckeroo Son)

2001 Chestnut Pinto AMHA / AMHR / PtHA                                                  3/23/14                                    2008 Palomino- 31.5"  AMHA /AMHR

2006 NJ State Champion Performance and Res Ch. Halter                amha futurity nominated            2011 World Top Ten Senior Stallions 30-32" 

Pooh had a loud Chestnut Pinto Colt by Buzz "Eagles Ring Zeus by Buzz" - SOLD!!



                                                       Welcome to our 2014 Foals page-

        We have an exciting 2014 lined up and 4 of our crosses will be AMHA futurity nominated

                              feel free to contact us with any questions by email or phone.  


Eagles Ring Bows Spicy Mustard Seed                                   Smokey Black Filly          Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz "Buzz" (Buckeroo Son)

"Spice"(maiden) 2008 Perlino -33.50"                                  AMHA Futurity Nominated      2008 Palomino-31.5" AMHA/AMHR

2010 National Top Ten Futurity     AMHA/AMHR                               3/21/14                         2011 World Top Ten Senior Stallions 30-32"

Spice had a Smokey Black Filly by Buzz "Eagles Ring Bu2ful Dreamer by Buzz" she is offered for your consideration on our Sales Page



Uno Lotus  AMHA/AMHR                                                                              Due 5/1/14                     Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz "Buzz" (Buckeroo Son)

"Lotus" 2002 Palomino Pinto -32.00"                                              AMHA Futurity Nominated        2008 Palomino-31.5" AMHA/AMHR

Sierra Dawn Uno DeMayo x Fallen Ash Farms Apache Gold                                                              2011 World Top Ten Senior Stallions 30-32"

Lotus had a Chestnut Filly -5/2/14-she is offered for you consideration on our sales page                 



Cedar Fields Awesome Coco Chanel                                  Due 7/7/14    Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz  "Buzz" (Buckeroo Son)

"Coco"(maiden) 2009 Bay -31.00"   AMHA/AMHR                                         2008 Palomino  31.5"- AMHA/AMHR

Cross Country Call Me Awesome daughter                                                2011 World Top Ten Senior Stallions 30-32"


Coco's foal has been sold private treaty In Utero

handsome little chestnut colt- 6/25/14- congrats Liz