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"Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz"
Amha /AMHR  31.5"
2011 World top ten Senior Stallions 30-32"
Price Reduced to $2,000
shown by Danielle Hill Training Center

Before you breed those mares for your 2017 foal crop

We offer for your consideration our stallion “Buzz”  A/R 31.50”

2008 Palomino Son of Boones Little Buckeroo (tested negative for silver)

Buzz is the maternal brother to World and National Champion Driving Horse “Philia BTU Cruser”

Philia Blazes Ginger X Boones Little Buckeroo

Buzz has a thin blaze and 2 white socks and a high white above the hock on a rear leg

2011 Amha World Top Ten Senior Stallions 30-32” (7th) shown by Danielle Hill Training Center

He has produced 7 gorgeous foals all with real leg action for driving.

Priced to sell as we are selling our farm

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Our horses below are all sold...we want to thank all our wonderful clients

"Eagles Ring Hot Sauce by Buzz"

A/R-amha futurity nominated





"Hot Sauce" should mature approximately 31"-32" - she was born with a 7" cannon bone.

This pretty young filly is a bold chestnut with a bright white star

Hot Sauce is a feisty little girl with tons of personality.

Her outstanding attitude shines through in her photos (above taken at 3 mos old) 

Hot Sauce has an enviable pedigree, top & bottom.

Her sire, Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz is a handsome palomino Boones Little Buckeroo son.

Buzz was World Top Ten in 2011 in the competitive Senior Stallions 30-32” class.

Hot Sauce's prestigiously bred dam, Uno Lotus is a direct palomino Pinto daughter of Sierra Dawn Uno DeMayo.


Hot Sauce is AMHA Futurity Nominated!

We have already seen traces of her sire’s big trot in her. Her sire, “Buzz”, is a maternal brother to

 2x World Champion Country Pleasure Driving Horse, Philia BTUs Cruser.


Hot Sauce is an elegant little filly with long legs, nice length of neck , level top line and beautiful doe eyes to go with her delicate build.

She will make a beautiful show filly, and could go on to become a cherished broodmare - adding top bloodlines to your herd.

she is ready to wean and both her A/R registration papers are in hand

Hot Sauce is SOLD !!!!




"Eagles Ring Bu2ful Dreamer by Buzz" A/R - Amha futurity nominated filly

foaled 3/21/14 - Smokey Black Filly

Spice  X Buzz


trotting photo below at 2 weeks old



"Eagles Ring Bu2ful Dreamer by Buzz" 4/21/14- is a beautiful Smokey Black Filly A/R- amha futurity nominated

another foal with her sires big trot- Her sire "Buzz" is a maternal brother to "Philia BTU Cruiser" World Champion Driving Horse

Dreamer is a beautiful filly with long legs a nice length of neck and a level top line and that show ring spark.

She will make a beautiful show filly, then go on as a cherished broodmare adding top bloodlines

and a bonus dilute gene to your herd. Both registry papers A/R in hand. 

Contact us at artlorig@aol.com  for more info  Dreamer is SOLD!!!!

Dam:                                                                          Sire:                                                    


Eagles Ring Bows Spicy Mustard Seed                                              Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz

A/R- Perlino mare                                                                             A/R - Palomino Buckeroo Son

2010 National Top Ten Futurity                                                         2011 World Top Ten Sr. Stallions 30-32"


"Eagles Ring Zeus by Buzz"   - SOLD!!

A/R - amha futurity nominated colt

Chestnut Pinto colt foaled 3/23/14   -          



this photo from the night he was born to see his markings from above


"Eagles Ring Zeus by Buzz" 4/23/14- is a Chestnut Pinto colt A/R-  amha futurity nominated

Zeus is a really flashy marked colt who has his sire's crooked blaze I love with a level top line lots of leg and that show ring spark.

He will make a great show colt, very correct with top bloodlines.

Sold !!! on this flashy little colt

Dam:                                                                          Sire:                                                    


Alms Rompin Codys Chera Pooh                                                                    Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz

A/R / Ptha- Chestnut Pinto mare                                                                      A/R - Palomino Buckeroo Son

2006 NJPtha Year end State Champion Performance                                      2011 World Top Ten Sr. Stallions 30-32"

2006 NJPtha Year end State Res. Champion Halter  

2006 National 8th All-star in Trail in Hand                                                                                             


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